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Surfing lesson in Tahiti from an instructor. Beginning surf lesson. Filmed during the Travel With Kids Tahiti show production. More info at www.travelwithkids.tv
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Rome Apartment Villa Rental Parker Villas Roman Holiday http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/rome-apartment-villa-rental-parker-villas-roman-holiday/ Thu, 26 Jan 2012 22:39:44 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/rome-apartment-villa-rental-parker-villas-roman-holiday/
A look inside the amazing apartment villa we rented in Rome for our stay. The apartment, called Roman Holiday is incredibly decorated, has tons of space for the entire family, fully appointed kitchen so we could cook meals every night that we didnt go out, and great for keeping snacks around for the kids. Apartment rentals save a lot of money when traveling with kids so you dont eat out all the time. This apartment was centrally located withing walking distance to most everything and is set right on Piazza Navona, one of the liveliest areas in Rome, a blast for the kids every evening. Highly recommended. More info at ParkerVillas.com
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Sunset at Tahiti Radisson Tahiti Hotel Oceanfront Resort in Tahiti http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/sunset-at-tahiti-radisson-tahiti-hotel-oceanfront-resort-in-tahiti-2/ Thu, 26 Jan 2012 06:39:43 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/sunset-at-tahiti-radisson-tahiti-hotel-oceanfront-resort-in-tahiti-2/
Sunset over the beach area at the Tahiti Radisson Resort. You can see Moorea island in the distance. Amazing sunsets here. Black sand beaches. Filmed during the Travel With Kids Tahiti production shoot. More info at www.travelwithkids.tv
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Ferguson Falls, Tasmania, Australia http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/ferguson-falls-tasmania-australia/ Wed, 25 Jan 2012 06:39:43 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/ferguson-falls-tasmania-australia/
Ferguson Falls, Tasmania, Australia

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Calling All Fruities! http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/calling-all-fruities/ Tue, 24 Jan 2012 06:39:44 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/calling-all-fruities/ Locavore Fruities of Nashville Listen Up! There is a new fruit farm in town! You read that right Fruit!

The new fruit farm is Stewart Orchard up in Bells Bend, the northwest area of Davidson County.

There is a delicious way you can help Stewart Orchard get up and running. They need some start up capital to buy some fruit trees and bushes and plant them. What they have in mind is that you offer a dollar amount this year, and you get local farm fresh fruit each year for 5 years.

The bonds will be issued as follows:

For $30, you may select one item from the following list.
For $60, you may select two items from the following list.
For $100, you will receive all three items plus a special gift

And the items are:
Two quarts of blackberries
Five pounds of peaches
One peck of apples

The bearer of the bond will receive their selected items every year for FIVE YEARS from the issuance of the bond, which will begin in June of 2012. Crop losses will be taken into account, with the bond simply extending for one more year. That is a lot of fruit! I mean yummy! So let’s take a look at the break down, if you offer $30, you will get 10 quarts of black berries (average $3/quart very good deal) or 25 lbs of ripe peaches ($1.20/lb also a very good deal), or 5 pecks (5 heaping basket) of apples. There are a variety of apples to select, of which Arkansas Blacks are one of them. Arkansas Blacks are dark burgundy red and tart apples, excellent for an afternoon snack. That is a lot of fruity goodness.

If you are interested in helping your local agriculture expand by purchasing a fruit bond, please contact Stewart Orchard. You may mail a check and your selected item list (3305 Bell Street Ashland City, TN 37015). You may call anytime and Tatum and Jobeth would be happy to speak with you (615-792-9829). Stewart Orchard is even UPTOWN enough to take your credit card! (this is what I did with my bon, and it is super easy!) Or you may email Stewart Orchard: stewartorchard11@gmail.com

OK, so here is the deal, when Stewart Orchard Bells Bend is up and running, it will be a Pick Your Own fruit farm. It will be a nice place to take kids for a visit to pick fruit, a great place for apple cider in the fall, and a great place to go without driving very far from downtown Nashville. 15 minutes drive from downtown and you will be at Stewart Orchard.

I really can’t wait for this fruit farm to open. Fruit has been the hardest local food group for me to find on a regular basis. Stewart Orchard will be quite helpful to me to get local fruit into my home. I will likely learn to can some pears and freeze some berries for the cold winter months when fruit is hard to come by. Thanks Stewart family! I am waiting with baited breath!

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Graffiti tram http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/graffiti-tram/ Mon, 23 Jan 2012 22:39:42 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/graffiti-tram/ Lisbon’s trams are definitely a top attraction, winding their way through the narrow, steep alleys of the city and it seems that a visit to the city without a shot of a tram is almost impossible. As opposed to my last shot of a tram in Lisbon, this one was taken high up on the […]

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Plains near Narcissus Bay, Lake St Clair, Tasmania, Australia http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/plains-near-narcissus-bay-lake-st-clair-tasmania-australia-2/ Mon, 23 Jan 2012 14:39:43 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/plains-near-narcissus-bay-lake-st-clair-tasmania-australia-2/
Plains near Narcissus Bay, Lake St Clair, Tasmania, Australia

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The *Star* of Singapore Botanical Gardens http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/the-star-of-singapore-botanical-gardens/ Sun, 22 Jan 2012 14:39:41 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/the-star-of-singapore-botanical-gardens/

Location: Bandstand, Singapore Botanical Garden (1°19’18″N 103°48’59″E)
Date: 8 October 2011; 9.50am
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5

Singapore Botanical Garden is one of the main attractions of Singapore. Quite often when one lives in a place, one easily overlook the local attractions that tourists from far afield come to visit. The Botanical Gardens is just one of those- I lives in Singapore but never pay much attention or visit the place unless I have visitors. However it is apparently a favourite of tourists especially the new force-to-be-reckon-with tourists from China and India. These tourists are no doubt attracted by the immaculately maintained gardens and its vast collection of tropical trees, flowers and plants. For locals, one of the favourite spot of the Gardens is the white octagonal shaped pavilion named the Bandstand which was erected in 1930. The Bandstand used to host military band performances in the past- now it is a popular spot for newly-weds to have their photos taken with their full regalia of wedding gowns.

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Le Meridien Bora Bora Hotels: Le Méridien Bora Bora Starwood hotels http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/le-meridien-bora-bora-hotels-le-ma%c2%a9ridien-bora-bora-starwood-hotels-2/ Sat, 21 Jan 2012 22:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/le-meridien-bora-bora-hotels-le-ma%c2%a9ridien-bora-bora-starwood-hotels-2/
Amazing overwater resort hotel in Bora Bora. One of the most incredible we have ever been to while filming for Travel With Kids. See more in the Travel With Kids Bora Bora show. More info at www.travelwithkids.tv
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Pattaya 2011 – The Sanctuary of Truth http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/pattaya-2011-the-sanctuary-of-truth/ Sat, 21 Jan 2012 14:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/pattaya-2011-the-sanctuary-of-truth/ The Sanctuary of Truth is quite a strange tourist attraction. It is neither a palace, nor a temple. It was initiated by a Thai business tycoon in 1981, and scheduled to be completed only by 2025. You need to pay an entrance fee of 500 Baht to visit the attraction. After paying at the entrance gate, you will be taken on horse-drawn carts to the Sanctuary.

Constructed entirely out of teak wood, this is one of the largest timber structures in the world. It is created to represent a fusion of art, philosophy, religion and culture – based on Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions. If you visit the Web Site, you will get some interesting backgounds on the noble purpose of the monument.

The entire structure is constructed out of teak wood – some are amazingly huge slabs of wood which are very hard to come across these days. You can see the craftsman at work on some parts of the building.

Don’t just marvel at the exterior – the interior is also quite impressive.

The scale of the project is no doubt awe-inspiring, and from a distance the ornate sculptures can’t fail to impress. On closer inspection though, you can see that the craftsmanship is no where near the refinement of their ancient counterparts in Ayutthaya or Angkor Wat. Still, it is amazing that they were able to put together such a big group of wood carvers from around the region to work on the project. It is definitely worth a visit.

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On Location: Chaco Culture National Historic Park http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/on-location-chaco-culture-national-historic-park-2/ Sat, 21 Jan 2012 06:39:42 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/on-location-chaco-culture-national-historic-park-2/ Chaco CultureNational Historic Park

Chaco Canyon is the best-preserved site of early settlement in the United States. Located in New Mexico, miles from paved roads and service stations, the most exiting historic park does not receive the same amount of visitors as other parks. Unlike other spectacular locations like Canyon de Chelly or Mesa Verde, you can freely explore Chaco and even enter most of the sites. This makes Chaco Canyon much more desirable for photography. 

Eventually the park service will develop the road to Chaco and limit access to the ruins as more and more tourists will start visiting the park. Currently you can still have many places of the park to yourself. You do not have to wait a long time for a clear undisturbed view of the ruins, thanks to the relatively small amount of visitors compared to other places. 

Chaco light ray

The buildings are still in a good state. Many of the ancient walls tower several stories high, showing the impressive skills of the pueblo Indians that lived here many years ago. Chaco was a major cultural and commercial center, a capital city of the ancient civilization. It was located in the heart of the Anasazi Empire, connecting many other nearby sights.

Chaco reminded me even of the Andean wonder-city of Machu Picchu (Peru), probably the most famous of all historic places. 

Coming to Chaco has been a long dream of mine that I fulfilled in 2008, after having to bypass the park due to very bad weather in 2007. Access in winter can be difficult, since the roads are not cleared. Even less people visit in winter and the angle of the sun is lower, making winter my favorite time to visit the National Parks of the west.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park is an unforgettable experience. I would love to come back before too much changes.

Chaco Door


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Happy New Year 2012! http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/happy-new-year-2012/ Fri, 20 Jan 2012 22:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/happy-new-year-2012/

bacon jam puff pastry treats

Happy New Year!
May the new year bring you happiness,
health and prosperity.

We are invited to a New Year’s Day potluck and I decided to make bacon jam puff pastry treats. I got some bacon jam from a pal of mine, and I think this is the recipe for bacon jam. When I run out of bacon jam, I will be making more of it from that recipe. What is not to love about bacon jam, there is maple syrup, bacon and onions, one of the trinity of flavor perfection for salty, sweet and savory. Anyway, as simple as simple can be, I cut out little bite sized puff pastry pieces, and then I topped each with a small dollop of bacon jam. I baked the puff pastry in the oven as directed. The result is a really delicious bite sized treat.

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Camping Out http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/camping-out/ Fri, 20 Jan 2012 06:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/camping-out/ We have some friends that are trying an experiment, the really big downsize from a 2 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom camper trailer. Their 2 bedroom house isn’t big in today’s mcmansion standards, but it was a typical 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen home. In today’s words, their house was a good starter home for a double income no kids couple. Well, they decided to see if they can live even more stealthy, now they are in a 1 bedroom, small bathroom and one all purpose room camper. The bedroom is the size of a king sized bed with a double bed in it. That leaves about 1 ft on each side of the bed to walk around the bed. To get to the bedroom, you have to walk through the bathroom. There is a really small shower and a smaller than normal toilet. The multipurpose room a short couch, a dining table, a small kitchen and enough floor space to put a yoga mat. Living like this forces them to live minimally, live neat, live clean, and live with what really matters to them.
Our friends invited out to dinner at their place. It was really great! It was a nice evening, we sat outside, and we cooked out. Hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and berry cobbler dessert. While we were cooking and chatting, some other neighbors took to the stage that is at one end of the camper park, and played all the good 70’s and 80’s standards. They were just far enough away that we could speak at normal levels, and the band was good enough that we really enjoyed having the free music while we relaxed. Our friends camper is near the laundry facilities, so other neighbors walking to do laundry came by to say hello. We had a good time chatting, eating, listening and saying hello to neighbors.

RV awning lights

fire ring

cooking on an open fire

dutch oven off the coals

cobbler inside the dutch oven

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North Curl Curl Tidal Pool, NSW, Australia http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/north-curl-curl-tidal-pool-nsw-australia/ Thu, 19 Jan 2012 22:39:41 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/north-curl-curl-tidal-pool-nsw-australia/
North Curl Curl Tidal Pool, NSW, Australia

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Mona Vale Weed Fields, NSW, Australia http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/mona-vale-weed-fields-nsw-australia/ Thu, 19 Jan 2012 14:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/mona-vale-weed-fields-nsw-australia/
Mona Vale Weed Fields, NSW, Australia

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Roulottes The food trucks in Papeete Tahiti – Budget Eating in Tahiti http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/roulottes-the-food-trucks-in-papeete-tahiti-budget-eating-in-tahiti/ Thu, 19 Jan 2012 06:39:42 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/roulottes-the-food-trucks-in-papeete-tahiti-budget-eating-in-tahiti/
A look at the Roulettes Food Trucks in Papeete Tahiti that set up every night. All kinds of different foods for everyone, cheap (for Tahiti) and a fun outing for the family. Filming during the Travel With Kids Tahiti production. More info at www.travelwithkids.tv
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Bangkok 2011 – Thai Airways Food http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/bangkok-2011-thai-airways-food/ Wed, 18 Jan 2012 22:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/bangkok-2011-thai-airways-food/ Having travelled so often on Malaysia Airlines cattle class and being desensitized with the usual mediocre food, it was a pleasant change on a recent trip to Bangkok – as we were flying on Thai Airways. Its nice to be able to eat with real cutlery, and a real glass as well !

The food – though not fantastic, was miles ahead of our national carrier. It was food that you can actually enjoy – not something that you endure because you are hungry. I don’t know what happened to our once mighty MAS, but things need to get much better to compete in this cut-throat world.

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Framing your masterpieces http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/framing-your-masterpieces/ Wed, 18 Jan 2012 06:39:41 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/framing-your-masterpieces/ Framed Pictures

Selling pictures without frames keeps my costs low and lets me sell my work at very competitive prices. It also gives my customers the choice to shop around for good deals on frames or build their own custom frames. That is the official story. In reality, I dislike the framing work.

I used to go to my local art store for custom jobs or to get ready-made frames. Their selection of existing frames is often not satisfying and custom jobs can become very pricy. Building your own frame is a viable alternative, but I prefer to spend as little time as possible on the framing job and more of my precious little time outdoors, taking photos.

As much as I hate framing pictures, I love anyone who makes it easy for me to get the job done quickly. Therefore, I was very excited when I found this picture frame store. They offer an astounding variety of frames in all shapes, colors and sizes and somehow still keep their products very affordable.

After a chat with one of their reps, I decided to try out two of their wooden frames for a remodeling job I had planned. I hope this review will help those of you in need for quick turn frames, as I was.

I picked two pictures of Long Beach, since they represent a special moment in our lives and two frames that should work well with the beach theme of the room.

Two Frames in a box

The frames I ordered arrived quickly and in good shape.

Package Contents 

I pulled the two frames from the box and inspected them.

Each frame came with a board for the backside, a white matte, plastic glass, pins, hooks, and cables for hanging. I often use pictures without mattes and order the frames to fit the size of the picture exactly. If you like matting, make sure you order the right kind with your frames and learn how to cut them!

The pins confused me at first. I decided to visit the Picture Frame Guys Website, to see if they do have framing instructions. I only found tips and tricks and some basic information, but not a quick step-by-step guide. It seems trivial, but I believe many people might benefit from this information. I hope that I can get them to update their site.

Putting everything together


Here is one of the pins used to keep the picture and rear board inside the frame. I simply pushed them into the wood with a screwdriver, which was very easy and took me only a few seconds per frame.


I fastened the hooks at the sides of each frame and cut the cables with a wire cutter. I suppose you could just use one of the hooks at the center top in lieu of the hangers, but they would be visible, unless you hang the picture above eye level. I convinced myself to do it right, after all it took only 2 minutes.

Inspection and Credits

Hanging on the Wall 

After I spent less than 5 minutes on the frame, I was ready to hang it on my wall. Not a bad time for a first time framer who used to let others do the work.

I have to admit that the two ladies of the house helped me with that project and deserve some credit too. Nagging, purring, giving opinions, and holding tools comes at a great physical expense, which is why we decided to take a collective rest after the hard labor.

Tina resting 

Then we spent some time inspecting the frames up close and decided that we liked the ease of the process and that we would shop here again.

Frame Closeup 

The frames look outstanding on my wall, much better than my product shots make them look. I cannot wait to complete the remodeling to see how everything comes together. 

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Pattaya 2011 – Central Festival Pattaya Beach http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/pattaya-2011-central-festival-pattaya-beach/ Tue, 17 Jan 2012 06:39:46 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/pattaya-2011-central-festival-pattaya-beach/ The Pattaya Hilton development includes a podium which houses the Central Festival Pattaya Beach. It is the largest shopping mall in Pattaya – and in fact the developer claims that it is the biggest beachfront shopping complex in South-East Asia – with over 300 shops and F&B outlets. I wouldn’t dispute the claim – as the size of the development is certainly impressive. But you could be in any modern shopping centre in Singapore, Hong Kong or Bangkok – the shops are all the same, and even the people start to look the same after a while.

Inside the shopping mall. It looks the same as most other upscale shopping malls around Asia.

It does have its redeeming qualities though. The architecture is very innovative, and most of the F&B outlets have terraces and balconies with an ocean view.

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Kolayat, Rajasthan, India http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/kolayat-rajasthan-india/ Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:39:40 +0000 http://addler.blogaliza.org/2012/01/kolayat-rajasthan-india/ Kolayat, Rajasthan, IndiaRajasthani man Kolayat, near Bikaner.

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